Attention Firefighters, EMT's and Paramedics (Fire Rescue Athletes).

Do Your Turnouts and Uniform Fit A Little "Tighter" These Days?

Do You Struggle to Climb Stairs in Your Gear, Lift the Cot, and Need a Fitness Program to Get You "Fit for Duty" ...Fast?

Get 8 Weeks of Metabolic Fire Rescue Workouts That Will Make You a Stronger and Leaner Fire Rescue Athlete...
Get Fire Rescue Fit Now!
Start Today and Get the Workouts, Eating Guide, Recipes, FRF Tracking App, Coaching and more...
This program is intended for those Fire Rescue Athletes that have fallen off the fitness wagon and need an efficient plan to help get their turnouts and uniform fitting better.

The 8-Week Fire Rescue Fitness
Fat Loss Program Includes...
8-Weeks Fat Loss Training Calendar
Full-body efficient and effective workouts including 2 challenge workouts
4 different Interval cardio workouts including crew workout options
Includes the FRF Guide to Eating Lean and Healthy
Highly Metabolic Interval Overhauls and AFterburner Options
NEW! Access to the FRF Tracking App.  Use your cell phone or tablet to log workouts (includes videos and tutorials)
Includes workouts for on-duty, off-duty,  and no equipment options
Core exercises and stretches (including 4-minute stretch routines and foam rolling guide)
Exercise tutorials and video links to each exercise with coaching cues and instructions
My name is Aaron Zamzow. I’m a Firefighter/ EMT and Training Officer in Madison Wisconsin and a certified and degreed Personal Fitness Trainer and author. I am the owner of Fire Rescue Fitness ( a company dedicated to creating products and articles focused on keeping Firefighters, EMTs and Paramedics in top physical condition and “fit for duty.”

First and foremost, I am a firefighter/ EMT and have been for over 15 years. I have also been working in the fitness industry as a Fitness Trainer, Strength Coordinator and author for over 25 years. I’ve been fortunate to train with elite athletes for the NBA, NHL, and NFL and have studied under some of the top trainers in the world.

My goal with FRF (Fire Rescue Fitness) Challenge is very simple: I am on a mission to transform, motivate, and educate 100,000 firefighters, EMTs and medics to improve their fitness and lives. 

Over ten years ago I was a successful fitness trainer in Minneapolis. At that time I had over 10 years of experience and had a great business and client base which included working with both professional and young athletes. I loved fitness and was constantly working to improve my clients level of fitness (including my own). I was however, looking for something more in my life. The fire department down the street from my house was taking applications for on-call paid firefighters. I’ve always been an athlete and was missing the team camaraderie. I decided to apply. Little did I know that many years later I would be a professional firefighter and training officer in Madison, Wisconsin. 

Firefighter Workouts and My Fitness Background...

When I first got involved in firefighting I was quickly introduced to the high demands on the job and desperately wanted to improve my performance in the academy and fire ground. My passion for fitness took over and I started reading and buying any program aimed towards firefighting… Wow, was I disappointed. Back then (15 years ago) all of the programs that I found were very unimpressive. They claimed to be oriented toward firefighters but in actuality didn’t contain any real “fire athlete” functionality. One of the books I purchased didn’t teach me anything more than what I learned in a high school weight training class….frustrating.

The Birth of Fire Rescue Fitness...

My frustrations fueled me to research and create the Fat Loss for Firefighters Workout and other Fire Rescue Fitness Programs. This program has been in the making for 15 years. I have personally tested, scrutinized (probably way too much) and perfected this workout program. I know it works! How do I know, I’m not only the owner, I’m a client (I had to say it)…. I’m the guy in the picture..and I’m over 45 years old.

The Fat Loss for Firefighters Program Works!

Take a look at his and other firefighters results with this efficient and effective workout…

Kevin Glover, Lost 6​​​​​​​0lbs.

"When I started the FRF Rapid Fat Loss Workout I weighted 310.3 lbs with a body fat of 36%. I was able to lose over 60 pounds at the end I weighted 243.2 lbs with a body fat of 24.5%!  My health was starting to get in the way of my life and the job was starting to get hard for me. My weight was really starting to slow me down in every aspect of life and the job."

Adam Hurford, Lost 45lbs!
"When I started the program, I saw weight loss initially, then noticed my cardio was much improved. People kept saying man you look good. After about a month then the body transformation just started booming. My final numbers were even surprising to me. I lost a total of 45 pounds from 280 to 235, my body fat % went down from 33.2% to 25.8% and I lost a total of 22.25 inches and 6 pant sizes! I can even see my abs again, the first time since high school."

Dave Connors lost over 20 pounds of fat!
"I wasn’t going to be “the guy” who slowed down my crew or my Scott Challenge Team. I was determined to get in my best shape to prove to my team and myself that I was “fit for duty.”  To get my result i used the rapid fat loss program some clean eating! During the course of the program I lost 22 lbs. and over 6 inches in my waist! I also gained some great muscle and developed better cardiovascular fitness."
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Get Strong and Lean with the FRF Fat Loss for Firefighters Workout

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Here is why this program works...
Complete Comprehensive Workout Calendar- Now, 8-week (2 weeks added as a bonus) training calendar with a daily workout plan that explains what you need to do each day (strength, core, cardio, flexibility, recovery, power, intervals) 
New for 2019!  Access to the NEW FRF App- FRF has teamed up with TrainHeroic to offer an app that tracks your workouts and allows you to store your workout data all in the app.  You will also be able to post to the feed, see what other athletes are doing, and track your progress.  
Exercises that boost metabolism, increase strength and burn bodyfat. There are over 50 Exercises with guides that are easy to follow (and printable) that instruct you on proper form. Each exercise links to a video showing it in proper motion also. Most importantly, the program explains how, why and when to do each exercise.
Efficient Metabolic Workouts- There are different resistance training and cardiovascular workout options that will help boost your metabolism, burn fat, and get you moving more efficiently on (and off) the fireground.   There are workouts for the gym, firehouse and home. And, you will learn how to create workouts for you and your crew.
Fireground Movements- This unique workout program includes "metabolic" exercises that will get you lean.  Learn how to effectively integrate climbing, crawling, pushing, pulling and other fireground motions into your workouts.
Instantly Downloadable PDF eBooks You can start your Fat Loss Workout Program instantly! No waiting for shipping. All the workouts and bonus materials are downloadable PDF eBooks. These eBooks can be saved on your phone, tablet and PC. The eBook format allows links to resources, exercise videos and additional tutorials. **Please note that you can easily print the Gym Companion and Log Sheets from any personal computer and use them to follow along with the program.**​​​​​​​
Order today and also get these bonuses...
Get Started with the Fat Loss Program today, and I will teach you how to eat to perform and lean up with the (new and improved) Standard Operating Procedures to Eating Healthy in the Firehouse.  The PDF manual will give you:
Six easy to follow guidelines to get you lean and “fit for duty​​​​​​​
A NEW portion control guide. No more counting calories!
Teach you how to eat healthy at the firehouse or at any restaurant. No excuses, you can go out and eat right...
Provide Example meal plans and recipes...
Includes a tutorial on supplements. What do you need (if any) and why…
And these bonuses...
The FRF Fat Loss Program has everything you need to succeed.  
Fat Loss Workout Gym Companion and Log Sheets
Print these out and take the workouts and log sheets with you anywhere. Each workout has exercise overview sheets, exercise pictures, coaching points, and log sheets that you can fill out to keep track of your progress.
FRF Healthy Snack Options

Use these snack options to help you plan and succeed with the challenge.  I listed my 10 favorite options followed by another list of top snacks other fire rescue athletes have used to help them succeed with their FRF (fire rescue fitness) program. 

FRF Healthy Firehouse Recipes Cookbook 2.0
Cooking for a group of hungry firefighters is not easy– if you don’t cook something tasty you will hear about it from your crew…for a long time. The goal of this eBook is to provide some tasty and easy recipes for you and your crew- over 80 recipes!
FRF Program Bonuses! 

Act today and also get these….
Order the program today and get a special invitation to my Private Coaching Group! I am inviting FRF Workout Participants into a private coaching group with direct access to me to help guide you and provide EXTRAS that no one else has access to. You will also be surrounded my like-minded firefighters, EMTs and medics who will offer their support and motivation as we go on this journey together. You'll get the accountability, support and motivation you need to surpass your goals.
Email coaching. Join today and I will send you weekly goals and motivation to help you succeed! You can also use this weekly email to keep me posted on your progress and ask questions.
The new FRF App. Join today and I will also send you access to the FRF Challenge workouts via our TrainHeroic App.  You can keep track of your sets, reps, weights, and track your progress.  You can also see what other athletes are doing and send questions via the app feed.  
Get Fit for Duty Special Pricing!
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Today Only $29
Try the Program Risk Free. If you don't see results in 60 days or think this is not 'honestly" the best workout program for Firefighters, EMT's and Paramedics than I will give you 100% of your money back. I am trying to change the culture of the Fire Service--to be more healthy and fit. I believe in this program...You have nothing to lose...
-Aaron Zamzow

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