The FRF 28-Day QuickStart Program

Attention Firefighters, EMTs and Medics.  

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Attention Firefighters, EMTs and Medics! Does this sound like you?
    • You are so out of shape and frustrated with your fitness that you don’t know where to begin?

    • Your uniform, clothes and turnout gear are fitting tight and need a program that can lean you up…. quickly?

    • You have a busy life and need some structure in your gym routine and with your nutrition?

    • You want a workout program that can help you gain strength, improve fireground performance and help you lean out?

    • You lose motivation easily and need a group or coach that will help you stay on-track?

    • You get winded during training or on-calls and need to improve your fitness?

    • You finally want to feel good about yourself, gain confidence on the fireground and fit into your uniform again…

    • You are confused on nutrition and want to know what to eat and why?

    These Firefighters, EMTs and Medics got Great Results with the Workouts and Exercises in the FRF 28-day QuickStart Workout Program...

    What is the FRF (Fire Rescue Fitness)
    28-day QuickStart Workout Program?

    This program is for you! In the fire service we all have a physically demanding job and must be ready for it. Fitness is a very serious yet personal topic. We all have things we want to physically achieve and have different reasons for wanting to achieve them. Sometimes we fall off the wagon, sometimes we lose interest in working out, sometimes we lack motivation, and sometimes we realize that “we are not fit for duty” and need to make changes.
    This 28-day workout is about making progress, becoming a better and more fit firefighter and person. I believe that in the next 4-weeks this FRF workout program can help you become a more fit, lean, and strong fire rescue athlete.
    If you want to lose some bodyfat and get leaner, achieve that goal in these 4-weeks.
    If you are looking for some motivation and need a plan to get back on track, find that motivation in these 4-weeks.   
    If you are looking to get stronger so you can pass the CPAT or Firefighter Entry Fitness Test, achieve that goal in these 4-weeks.   
    If you don’t know where to begin and need to lose some serious weight, this program will get you on the right track to lose weight... 
    If you don’t know where to begin and need to lose some serious weight, this program will get you on the right track to lose weight...  And, if you are like me and want to gain knowledge, confidence, strength, power, get leaner and become a “motivation” to other around you…. then use this 4-week program to accomplish that!

    Here is Why This Program Works for Firefighters, EMTs and Medics...
    Complete Comprehensive Workout Calendar
    4-week training calendar with daily workout plan that explains what you need to do each day (strength, core, cardio, flexibility, recovery, power, intervals)
    New for 2019!  Access to the NEW FRF App
    FRF has teamed up with TrainHeroic to offer an app that tracks your workouts and allows you to store your workout data all in the app.  You will also be able to post to the feed, see what other athletes are doing, and track your progress.  
    Versatile and Efficient Workout Options
    There are different resistance training and cardiovascular workout options to choose from based on your available equipment. There are workouts for the gym, firehouse, and home. And, the program teaches you how to create your own!
    Functional Fireground Movements
    This unique workout program includes exercises that improve your performance on and off the fireground. Learn how to effectively integrate climbing, crawling, pushing, pulling and other fireground motions into your workouts.
    Easy to follow exercise and workout tutorials
    Each exercise and workout has a tutorial sheet that easily explains how to do each workout, exercise and rep. There are links to video tutorials and additional resources if you have questions. This is a truly “excuse-proof” workout program.
    Instant Delivery... Get Started Right Away
    You can start the 28-day QuickStart Program instantly! No waiting for shipping. All the workouts and bonus materials are accessible via the FRF portal.  There you can gain access to the app and coaching group, and download and view the PDF eBooks. These eBooks can be saved on your phone, tablet and PC. The eBook format allows links to resources, exercise videos and additional tutorials. **Please note that you can easily print the Gym Companion and Log Sheets from any personal computer and use them to follow along with the program.**

    ​​​​​​​About the FRF 28-day QuickStart Workout Program...
    Aaron Zamzow, Firefighter, EMT and Certified Fitness Coach
    My name is Aaron Zamzow. I’m a Firefighter and EMT in Madison Wisconsin and also a certified and degreed Personal Fitness Trainer and author. I am the owner of Fire Rescue Fitness ( a company dedicated to creating workouts and resources focused on keeping Firefighters, EMTs and Paramedics in top physical condition and “fit for duty.”
    First and foremost I am a firefighter/ EMT and have been for over 12 years. I have also been working in the fitness industry as a Fitness Trainer, Strength Coordinator and author for over 20 years. I’ve been fortunate to train with elite athletes for the NBA, NHL, and NFL and have studied under some of the top trainers in the world.

    I’ve dedicated my career to developing efficient and effective workouts for firefighters, EMTs and medics. I’ve authored some of the best workouts for fire rescue athletes including the FRF Foundations Program, FRF Rapid Fat Loss for Firefighters, and the FRF Ultimate Fire Athlete Workout because I was discouraged by all of the programs on the market claiming to be geared toward firefighters. In most of these cases these programs were written by trainers and not by firefighters that truly understood the functional and physical challenges of our job.

    The FRF 28-day is the culmination of the lessons learned from the feedback and results seen from my previous program creations. I decided to take the best workouts and training aspects and put them to use in this one effective workout program. And then offer it to you at a discounted price.  This workout is born from the efforts of thousands of hours of research and from the impressive results from the thousands of firefighters, EMTs and medics that have used FRF workouts and training protocols.

    This is the a very comprehensive workout system for Firefighters, EMTs and Paramedics. It will improve every aspect of your fitness (conditioning, strength, cardiovascular recovery, core power) and make you strong, lean, athletic and efficient. The workouts are easy to follow with exercise tutorials and are very practical. I have also designed this program to be “excuse-proof.” You can literally do these workouts anywhere; at home, in the gym, at the firehouse, or even outside. Couple these efficient and effective workouts with the updated and easy-to-follow Eating Guidelines and I guarantee you will see results. 

    This program is 20 years in the making and is endorsed by thousands of fire rescue athletes and hundreds of elite trainers.
    And... For a Limited Time

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    The Get FRF 28-day QS Gym Companion and Log Sheets
    Print these out and take the workouts and log sheets with you anywhere. Each workout has exercise overview sheets, exercise pictures, coaching points, and log sheets that you can fill out to keep track of your progress.
    -Printable workout sheets with exercises pics
    -Log sheets to track your progress
    Guidelines to get the most out of each workout
    -Tutorial on how to create your own crew and cardio workouts
    -Exercise Substitution list for each workout 
    5 Steps to Eating Healthy in (and out) of the Firehouse
    Eating in the firehouse or any house can be a challenge.  This guide simplifies nutrition and gives easy to follow and applicable steps to help you "clean up" your diet and lean up.
    -Five easy to follow guidelines to get you lean and “fit for duty.”
    -Nutrition Hacks that will help you prepare and plan healthy meals
    -Healthy Snack Options to insure you stay on track
    -The 90-10 Eating Plan.  Teaches you how to plan your "cheat meals" and stay on-track with your nutrition.
    -Example meal plan
    FRF Healthy Recipes Cookbook
    Cooking for a group of hungry firefighters is not easy– if you don’t cook something tasty you will hear about it from your crew…for a long time. The goal of this eBook is to provide some tasty and easy recipes for you and your crew.
    -Over 30 easy to prepare and tasty recipes
    -Categorized recipes that list ingredients, prep times and instructions
    -Recipes list macro-nutrient levels to understand protein, fat and carbohydrate percentages
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    Start Today!  Get the Workouts, Eating Guide, Recipes, Gym Companion and Log Sheets.. And, Get Access to the FRF Crew (Coaching Group)
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    Get the next 8-weeks of Workouts  and enter into the Fit for Duty Challenge-Ultimate Workout.    This program will continue to get you stronger, leaner and more powerful.  The "next" 8-weeks will focus on your power and help you move (and look) faster, stronger and leaner than you are now.  And the Challenge offers more recipes, meal plans and prizes.
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