Attention Firefighters, EMT's and paramedics (Fire Rescue Athletes)
Are You "That" Guy or Girl On Your Crew?
Do You Need to Lose 20, 30, or 40 Some Pounds and Need to Get Fit for Duty?
Stop Wasting Time.  Start Getting Fit with the program Endorsed by Thousands of Firefighters that Will Get You Stronger, Leaner and Moving Better on the Fireground...
Hello Fellow Fire Rescue Athletes,
  • Are you the “out of shape” member on your crew or department?
  • Are you nervous to do training because your afraid you physically can’t?
  • Are your turnouts busting at the seems?
  • Are you “so” out of shape and don’t know where to begin?
Stop being that “out of shape” guy or girl on your crew….
If you are interested in getting in the shape of your life (quickly) and “Fit for Duty” using a simple to follow workout program that uses exercises and movements that are applicable to the Fire Rescue Athlete….then this may be the most important website you have you ever read.
It All Starts With This Program
The Foundations Program Was Created to Help Firefighters, EMTs, and Paramedics Lose Extra Pounds, Get Stronger, Get Leaner and Be a Better Fire Rescue Athlete!
Comprehensive 12-Week Program Includes...
12-Week Training calendar
Six full-body efficient and effective workouts
Two challenge workouts
Interval cardio workouts
Exercise guides and videos
Lean eating guidelines
Daily eating plans
Fire Rescue Athlete Training rationale
Authorized food lists
Core exercises that will prolong your career
Key stretches that will keep you feeling young
Access to Private Facebook Group
Limited-Time 2X Bonus Offer
1. FRF Foundations Gym Companion and Log Sheets

2. FRF Stretch and Recovery Manual
Hear It From Real Firefighters...
S. Migge
"Hey Aaron, I was that guy on my crew.  I was out of shape and didn’t know where to begin…. Thanks for creating a great, easy-to follow program.  I started with day 1 and now I’m on day 56!  I’m down 20 pounds but most importantly I am keeping up with the people on my crew.  I no longer feel like I’m letting them (or myself) down.  I honestly can’t thank you enough..Nice work!"
Mike Miller
NSW Fire Department
"I must admit, I was that guy that everybody on the department was afraid to work with. I was 60 pounds overweight and a “heart attack waiting to happen.” I decided to purchase the FRF Foundations program and FRF Ultimate Fire Athlete and give it a go. I am happy to say that I am down 50 pounds and halfway through the FRF Ultimate Athlete program. I have some more things to improve on but had to tell you how your program has changed my career. I am now the guy people ask about fitness (to which I send them to you). Thank You!"
Will Bitting
"In 12 weeks I’ve managed to lose 25 pounds and for the first time since my sophomore year in high school fit into
size 38 pants! , I don’t want to stop.. I will continue to push myself not just for me but for my family the ones I live with and for the family that I fight fire with! I truly hope my experience and success will inspire someone else to shift gears from the way they’ve been doing things and make that move to better themselves for themselves and their family too."
R. Heltsrtun
"So far, I LOVE IT! Lost 8 pounds in the first month and my core is stronger than ever. I feel more flexible and move faster. The interval overhauls are a great idea and an easy way to incorporate “real” fire ground movements. Looking forward to the next 8 weeks..."
Chuck Tanner
"Aaron, Thank you very much for creating the FRF Foundations Program.  I didn’t know where to start, I was that guy on the department that was out-of-shape and maybe even a risk.  I purchased the program, followed the workouts and 5 weeks into the program I am down almost 15 pounds.   And… I am performing much better in training and on calls.  I feel stronger, faster, and can recover a ton better.  Thanks for getting me working out and “fit for duty.”  I look forward to the next 7 weeks of the program."
A. Willis
"Great stuff! Since I incorporated your workouts into my training, my ability on the fire ground has skyrocketed. That cardio spike can be felt at nearly every fire I ever fight."

Jen Pitti

I'm donig this challenge to show my coworkers and men that a woman can do the same thing as they can.  I was getting tired of my coworkers telling me I can't lift my patients because they are too heavy for me.

I'm in love with my results... I have a stronger upper body, more stamina, and just all around feel better.  I also lost 7lbs. of fat and 3 inches.  I love all the workouts that are in this program and motivated my friends to workout with me and let me help them achieve their fitness goals because they see my results they want the same thing for themselves!

Gabe Oldfather

I started the FRF program on Feb. 3rd and began to eat cleaner and healthier, drink lots of water and workout at least 4 days a week. As of March 23, I have lost 30lbs, and 3 inches in my waist. I am a lot stronger and my cardio health is much better. The FRF workouts were very challenging but not impossible. I was able to get through each one and the variety always kept each workout fresh. I could easily relate the exercises to tasks performed on the fire ground. Even if you are not in the emergency services profession I recommend FRF to anyone wanting to change their life and get healthy.

Will Bitting

 I joined FRF "Fit for Duty" Challenge as a way to motivate myself to try to lose weight. I've always been the athletic fat kid, I've always been able to move and do things most people my size couldn't. I've just always been overweight and I admit a very large part of that is my fault. You see I have not always ate the best, I drink the occasional beer or 4 and sometimes I'll skip a workout, not because I'm unmotivated or don't care but because I'm human. I used "Fit for Duty" to challenge myself to not do these things and for 12 weeks see how it worked out. Let me tell you the one cheat day was always looked forward to. 
For 12 weeks I worked my way thru my workouts I made much healthier eating choices and yes I skipped out on the alcohol. On February 5th I started my challenge weighing in at 285 pounds and now after 12 weeks of dragging my ass to the gym in the morning, eating extra vegetables instead of another piece of bread and just making flat out healthier choices for myself, I have to admit I am excited about my results. My pictures aren't a spectacular change but how I feel now mentally and physically has been nothing short of incredible! In 12 weeks I've managed to lose 25 pounds and for the first time since my sophomore year in high school fit into size 38 pants! I will not be stopping here, armed with this new lifestyle I plan on taking it further I've challenged myself to run in my first half marathon something I use to think of and go yeah no way I'd ever do that. For once in my life I'm starting to feel good about my size , I've got a long way to go but with what I've learned in this last 12 weeks, feeling how I do today, I don't want to stop I will continue to push myself not just for me but for my family the ones I live with and for the family that I fight fire with! I truly hope my experience and success will inspire someone else to shift gears from the way they've been doing things and make that move to better themselves for themselves and their family too.

Jenn Jordan

I joined the challenge to give me some motivation. As a volunteer firefighter I fell into the belief that since I am a volunteer I don't need to train physically. Deep inside I knew this belief was wrong so I started the Foundations program 14 weeks ago. I have just graduated to the Ultimate program. The first weeks were brutal, but I soon felt stronger than I have ever been. I was honestly surprised at the results I saw. I started out at 156 pounds. After completing Foundations I'm down to 150. I lost two and a half inches off my waist and the rest of me toned up quite nicely. I think the best part is I am feeling more energetic and am able to last longer on the fire ground. The guys at the station still rag on me for going through such a program, but I am hoping they too will get fit for duty.
How You Can Start Working Out and Eating Smarter to Get "Fit for Duty".
The Fire Rescue Fitness Foundation Program is a no-nonsense fitness and nutrition “Lifestyle” solution designed to strengthen and lean out your body fast and efficiently, helping you get “fit for duty.” Using effective strength and cardio interval training coupled with applicable nutrition solutions you’ll burn fat and build valuable muscle faster. 

The Fire Rescue Fitness Foundations Program program will teach you:
  •  How to workout correctly (like a fire rescue athlete), get stronger, get leaner, and feel better.
  •  The importance of a proper warm-up (exercises that you can perform everyday to increase your flexibility and recovery).
  •  The key components of effective workouts including warm-up, core exercises and effective “functional” training.
  •  Why core training is essential. What exercises you should do to avoid shoulder, back and joint pain.
  •  How to organize meals to boost metabolism and make you feel satisfied all day.
  •  How to plan “healthy” snacks even if your on the engine or truck all day.
  •  The importance of proper hydration and ways to incorporate water into your everyday routines. (This is very important for the Fire Rescue Athlete!)
  •  How to strength train effectively by using full-body exercises that challenge every fitness level.
  •  The importance of managing your insulin levels to keep burning fat and calories all day.
  •  The importance of goal setting. More importantly how to set your goals, create a plan and accomplish them.
  •  How to get more out of aerobic training in less time using interval training.
  •  Plateau busting workouts that are organized to not only improve your strength but how your body moves.
  •  The right or “authorized” foods that are healthy and convenient. 
  •  Which supplements are the best and which (if any) you should use.
  •  How to read food labels to look for the hidden dangers of High Fructose Corn Syrup and Trans-fats.
  •  Learn how to live Stronger, Leaner, and Be “Fit for Duty.”
Real Results.
60-Day Money Back Guarantee
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